Need to Know How to Watch Game of Thrones Online?

Original review of Game of Thrones series season 1

Nowadays, many men have a habit of watching television series to spend their leisure time worthy. HBO is the famous international tv channel in which there are several numbers of series going on air regularly. From among the various television series, Game of Thrones is a famous one which would be watched by the millions of fans on this channel. It is the 2011 tv series aired for many years until season 7 which is the latest season with seven episodes.

Game of Thrones Season 1:

When considering the game of thrones seasons 1, it is full of fantasy drama aired on HBO from 17th April 2011 to 19th June 2011. It was premiered on this channel at 9 pm, and there are 10 episodes in this series. Each of the episodes is approximately 55 minutes to watch. The entire season of this series is based on the watch game of thrones online which is the novel written by the George R.R. Martin and it is also the first novel in the Song of Ice and Fire series. Even though it is the written novel in the series, HBO channel delivers its real story which is powerfully dark & true adaption of Martin’s novel.

This season has the best factors to mix the heart, intelligence, wit and violence in the proper proportions. There are so many numbers of die-hard fans of this novel, and the same members are now the great fans of this television series to watch their favourite novel in the series format. All the characters, screenplay and storyline were awesome in this series, and it gives an amazing feel and ambitions to the watchers along with full of love. The die-hard fans can read the book along with watching this series on the HBO channel to experience the storyline in the two different ways.

Star casting and story:

When considering the star casting in this game of thrones season 8 full episodes tv series, Aidan Gillten and Rupert Vansittart played the leading roles. This first season of this series is fully about the fantasy world where the royal houses fight for the iron throne. It includes a lot of adventure, drama, action and also the fantasy features to provide the mixed treat to the eyes of the watchers. Those who would like to see the novel stories but you don’t want to read the books can watch this series to know the storyline of the interesting novel by Martin. Struggle and misery are the main themes of this series, and the heroes of this series are too valiant to attack the opponents to win the thrones. The list of episodes in this season 1 include,

• Winter Is Coming
• The Kingsroad
• Lord Snow
• Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things
• The Wolf & the Lion
• A Golden Crown
• You Win or You Die
• The Pointy End

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