The Best Heartwarming Chick Flick Movies Ever

Chick flick movies are not always about the romance of a man and woman. Stressing on other kinds of love – the romance dances in the background, though – the following chick flick movies really melt your heart.

The Parent Trap

The 1998 Walt Disney’s film features Lindsay Lohan, Natasha Richardson, Dennis Quaid, and Elaine Hendrix. The storyline brings out two girls of identical twins who had been separated at birth. Each of them was raised by their biological mother or father. They met for the first time at a summer camp, learning that they were twins. From then on, they arranged a plan for their parents to be together again.

It’s a Boy Girl Thing

It is a 2006 movie featuring Samaire Armstrong, Sherry Miller, Kevin Zegers, and Robert Joy. The body-swapping theme snowballs into tragedies as each person is the sworn enemy of the other. It is no wonder that each person used the body of his and her enemy to ruin the life of each other.

Bride Wars

Every girl has her own beloved confidante. What will happen if two girls, best friend of each other, set the same date for their weddings? With Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, it will be an emotional movie watching as the two best friends go through their intertwined journeys. The 2009 movie is a good choice for a girl night watch.

Definitely, Maybe

It’s about love and the relationship of a political consultant father and his daughter. The 2008 movie portrays the father’s efforts in explaining his past relationships and impending divorce to his daughter, who was only 11 years old. Featuring Ryan Reynolds, Abigail Breslin, and Rachel Weisz, the movie gives you a different standpoint of seeing a father-daughter relationship, in relation to his love life.

Nancy Drew

Pouring some mysteries into a chick flick will definitely make a tasty recipe of movie watching. The 2007 movie, directed by Andre Fleming, features Emma Roberts, Max Thieriot, Tate Donovan, and Craig Gellis. Yes, it is a chick flick movie about a teenage girl, Nancy Drew, who came with his father to his business trip in Los Angeles. However, the teenage life story turns into a mystery as the girl unexpectedly found clues and suspicions to the murder of a pop idol.

Miss Congeniality

Here is another tasty recipe: pouring adventures and actions into a chick flick. Miss congeniality was released in the year of 2000, but is still fun to watch. In the movie, Sandra Bullock was an agent who went undercover in a beauty pageant contest. Her goal was, instead of winning the contest, to secure the event and prevent a bomb from exploding.

Freaky Friday

Another heartwarming chick flick movie is Freaky Friday, released in 2003. Mark Waters directed Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan to play the roles of a mother and daughter, respectively. The overworked mother did not get along very well with the daughter, or just the other way around – it is mutual. On one blessed Friday, they switched body and forced to deal with it. As they lived the life of each other, both eventually learned how to love selflessly.


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